Windows Phone App Review – [+] Lockscreen Style

My Lockscreen on my Windows Phones is the one place you can truly express yourself and have pretty much any picture you want displayed. This in itself isn’t anything new and nor are the new features that Windows Phone 8 brought to the Lockscreen either. I like wallpapers and I spend a good chunk of time each day looking for new wallpapers. Browsing through 500px or Wallbase to find something unique, I quite often find something I like and crop it and chop it up to create something I like. Then I found this app.

Lockscreen Style allows you to use the best parts of various wallpapers, you are allowed to choose from twelve different templates.

Windows Phone App Review   [+] Lockscreen StyleOnce you have chosen the template you set about picking wallpapers to use on each jigsaw piece.

Windows Phone App Review   [+] Lockscreen StyleWindows Phone App Review   [+] Lockscreen StyleThis then saves an image to your picture library and you can set it as your wallpaper as you would with any other image. Along the way you can add shapes or text to the image to further “enhance” it.

Windows Phone App Review   [+] Lockscreen Style Windows Phone App Review   [+] Lockscreen Style

Features of the app are as follows

  • You can easily combine Photos just using our 12 well designed templates
  • With accessories and there’re thousands of combinations, just imagine your own picture and draw it as you will
  • Embeded Background pictures which help you get started easily
  • Drag, rotation, scale, all under control with your fingers
  • Every color, every word, is now an available option
  • Say hello to your masterpiece, and share it to your friends with WindowsPhone, make them impresived for your design talen.

I really like this app as I can make some really quite unique wallpapers for my phone, combined with one of the fancy lockscreen weather apps or one of the lockscreen widget apps you can make something really nice.

The app is free with no adverts so there isn’t much stopping you from giving it a go, just head over to the link below.

Windows Phone Store Link – Lockscreen Style