Rejoice! 4G at 800MHz doesn’t kill Jeremy Kyle that much after all

Rejoice! 4G at 800MHz doesnt kill Jeremy Kyle that much after all

Just last month we told you about the 800MHz testing that was underway across the Black Country. Those tests, which involved masts being erected to pump out 4G at 800MHz, were designed to see if this lower frequency would interfere with DVB digital transmissions.

So far, things are looking good. The guys from are charged with performing the tests and and, with around 22,000 homes blanketed by the 4G signal, predicted around 120 of those to show issues. In the end their report shows that only 15 houses had actual issues, and that was mainly down to boosters / signal amplifiers which tend to amplify a wider range of frequencies. The team received 100 calls and attended each site to find out what had caused the issue. The 15 actual problems were fixed with small filters designed to block 800MHz.