UK gets quad-core only on the S4 – Further confirmation

UK gets quad core only on the S4   Further confirmationJust a few days ago we heard news that the Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t have the octa-core CPU here in the UK. Now there’s further confirmation via Expansys, who tell us that the S4 will have the quad-core chip instead.

So what do you guys think? Will this affect your buying decision?

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  • Anonymous

    Meh. I can’t imagine it makes any real world difference.

  • Agreed. The new Snapdragons are speedy processors. It’s not all about the amount of cores. If it lags it will be due to TouchWiz rather than the processor.

  • Martin

    Both the different types of SOC are quad cores. I really don’t think that getting the Snapdragon quad core is much to complain about.

    From what I understand the Octa-core has two pairs of processors, a high power (1.6gig A15) and a low power (1.2gig A7) quad. When the phone is in standby or not needing much processing power, the low power quad will be in use, when it needs more power then the high power quad takes over.

    The Snapdragon is a 1.9gig Krait quad, I’ll be surprised if there is much difference between the two.

  • Eric

    If I ask 100 people in the street how many Cores their phone has, probably 1 would be able to tell me and what they actually do.
    20 would probably know but would have no clue what it meant or why it makes a difference, probably just say it is better.

    The rest just get on with their lives and do everyday things on their phone regardless, like watching iplayer, checking emails and playing temple run.

    Thing is how many of them would be quite happy with an S3 which would do for them just fine at a much lower price point.

  • Wakinguptothelie

    So how do developers make apps for the correct processor ????? It’s telling me the phone doesn’t need so much power as its not using it in apps…or the IOS needs it just to run….