SwiftKey Tilt – Save your thumbs and bust a move

SwiftKey Tilt   Save your thumbs and bust a move

At Coolsmartphone we realise that our readership are all far too intelligent to be sucked in by April fools jokes (why else would you come to a site with the word smart in the name?), so we’re going to lay this one on the line.

1st April, the day when the tech industry try to fool their loyal followers into the belief that their developers have completely lost the plot. This year’s mobile related attempts have all been rather shoddy, except for a nicely thought out offering from SwiftKey – Switkey Tilt, “the future of text input”.

The concept is that the team at Swiftkey want to build on the success of merging predictive text input with their Flow technology in Swiftkey 4 by freeing your thumbs and letting you input words by tilting your hands (and body!). It reminds me of one of those games that have a ball bearing and a maze with holes in… except fun.

Check out the video below for the best tech April fool since 8-bit Google Maps.

source – SwiftKey Tilt

UPDATE – This isn’t just a prank. If you have the latest version of SwiftKey you can try SwiftKey Tilt for yourself. Simply type tilt and long press on the prediction, this brings up the option to turn on Tilt. A small, glowing ball will appear and you can attempt to tilt type. It’s not as easy as it sounds!