Try superfast 4GEE for free

Try superfast 4GEE for free

Sometimes thing seem to good to be true and no doubt I’ve missed something here but if you’ve been wanting to try out the supposedly “superfast” 4G now might be your chance. Basically EE are offering a free 4G MiFi for a month to try out.


We’re so sure you’ll love superfast 4GEE Mobile Broadband that we’re giving it away for free. Well, for 30 days.

Simply sign up for 24-months and EE will give you a Huawei E589 Mobile WiFi device and your first month’s internet access for free. We’re sure you’ll absolutely love it, but if for any reason you’re not happy, you can return your device within the first 30 days and we’ll cancel your contract.

By the sound of it you will get set up on a new 24 month contract and you have to return the device within 30 days. I’ve signed up for one, just to try and find out how good/bad the coverage in Nottingham is.

If your interested head over to the Mobile Broadband page here and don’t forget to get it back to your local store within 30 days or your suddenly going to get a bill for the damn thing. Also if you fancy seeing someone unbox one of these head over to this article here where Dan showed us what to expect.

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  • Martin

    Me thinks they are getting desperate to get people signed up to 2 year contracts before the opposition come muscling into their turf! I’d like to give it a go, problem is I don’t even get a decent 3g signal in my home and the nearest 4G masts are about 10 miles away!

    • Bob

      Yep, that’s exactly what it is.. AVOID!

  • darren bird

    When will this be on a PAYG basis ? And unlimited data…then ill consider

    • Anonymous

      No – it’s an expensive 24 month contract. Compared to the equivalent 3 mobile broadband deal it’s pretty crappy value wise – and with such limited coverage still.

  • Anonymous

    Well spotted – the headline £12.99 price is only for 1GB though, which is next to useless. If you do decide to keep it, it’s pretty expensive for any decent amount of data. You’re looking at £20.99 for 5GB and 25.99 for 8GB.

    If you are definitely going to just try it out and then send it back just to see what speeds you get (and don’t mind the associated hassle), then free is a good deal though ;)

  • weirdstuff

    Naah, it’ll just tempt me to buy early and stung by the ‘early-adopter-premium’. Wait ’til the end of the year when 3 swoop in and under-cut EVERYBODY, that’s when I’ll jump on the 4G bandwagon! :-)

  • Daniel Meah

    + £40 cashback from topcashback not bad at all

  • Anonymous

    You’ll see lot’s of offers like this from EE as they struggle to obtain customers with their shocking pricing. No thanks! My 3G service run around the 13Mbps mark and is unlimited for £25 per month. I don’t need unlimited but at least I don’t have to worry about what I am using.