Huawei E589 unboxing

After arriving in London for a 4 day break I knew I was going to be enjoying 4G speeds thanks to my existing EE account and having both a HTC One and Sony Xperia Z with me.

However using internet on these drains the battery and these mobile WiFi devices have been around for a while now and seem to be getting better and better.

So I now have a Huawei E589 MiFi on the EE network which as you know is the 4G network here in the UK and this is the only MiFi on sale at the moment in a store that supports 4G so it was going to be interesting to see how well it did in the capital

Huawei E589 unboxing

The E589 is available on various different plans with one of the best being a rolling 30 day sim offering 8GB of data for around £27 a month and the 4G MiFi costing a one off of £49.99.

I have been using this new device for the past 2 hours now busy uploading videos and photos for different reviews I have in the works and speeds are actually pretty good.  Upload is the biggest benefit I have seen for 4G and I have been getting upload speeds of around 10-13Mbps meaning video uploads are done very quickly.

I will be busy trying out the E589 during my visit here in London ready for the review but until then check out the unboxing below

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