Three announce yearly earnings

Three announce yearly earnings

UK network Three who are well known for their data offerings have announced their yearly results today

Full year earnings were up 237% from 2011 to £101m and the company added over 900,000 customers taking them over the 9 million mark for the first time

Total revenue also increased 9% to £1.95bn

The network has had many upgrades over the years and now has DC-HSDPA known as ‘Ultrafast’ on 80% of their masts with LTE rolling out on the 1800Mhz spectrum later this year allowing for rapid growth

Three are also offering 4G with no price premium once they launch the service which paired with AYCE data makes them an attractive choice of network for many data heavy users

Three to launch 4G in Q4
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  • Martin

    What was their profit though?

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t find their actual profit figures anywhere (I looked straight away, as it was one of the main omissions from their press release) – I doubt they are particularly high, but given the amount they seem to invest in their network it’s no wonder really. If you consider where they’ve come since their launch, which is quite a short time really, you have to quite admire what they’ve achieved. Their coverage is so much better than it used to be too.

      I carry around a PAYG 3 dongle which is quite handy for when I don’t get Vodafone or O2 signal, as it does tend to ‘fill in’ quite well.

      I would still be hesitant to get a 3 contract, given some of the problems I’ve had in the past (i.e. not being able to cancel it easily once out of contract), but other than that they seem fairly good.

  • Anonymous

    @the_prof:disqus Same here. I have an old PAYG sim with Three. I’ve noticed that the speeds have really come on over the past few years. It was always good at around 3Mbps, then it went to around 7Mbps and recently I’ve noticed I am getting a steady 13Mbps!! and I’m in a rural area!

    I just keep it as a backup connection for if my home broadband goes offline but been thinking of getting a contract on The One Plan. Be interesting to see what the speeds are on Three when they launch 4G.