HTC all set to turn it up to 11

HTC all set to turn it up to 11You may have seen that HTC are going to go “large” with their marketing message from now on.The HTC One, which we must admit is brilliant, won’t be shown off next to the “Quietly Brilliant” tagline. Instead HTC will be turning things up to 11* and shouting about how good they are. They’ve already been pretty aggressive and have already swiped at Samsung during the S4 launch…

We have a lot of innovations but we haven’t been loud enough

..said new Marketing Chief, Benjamin Ho. He admitted that there was a slight delay due to the uniqueness of the HTC One camera, but they’re going to hit the ground running and it sounds like HTC are well aware of how important marketing is – Mr Ho is the third marketing chief in less than two years. Come on Ben, get the big guns out.

Source – Wall Street Journal
* – Spinal Tap Reference 🙂