Three and O2 customers spammed by 0088213300744 phone number

Three and O2 customers spammed by   0088213300744 phone number

It’s emerging that huge amounts of Three and O2 customers are getting calls from a strange phone number: 0088213300744

Details are sketchy at the moment, but it seems that the number originates from Bangladesh, and some people are claiming it’s a call back scam that will charge you between £7 and £10 if called. These claims aren’t verified yet, but beware.

If you have had a call, or have any information about this please leave a comment below or email me:

We will keep you updated of any further developments, but for now just don’t answer the phone to this number!


We’ve now had reports that a second number is also calling: 0088213300718


Several people on Orange have told us that they have also had this number call


Three UK have just tweeted me:

We’ve passed the number on to our security team to investigate

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  • i just wouldn’t answer a call with a number starting 00882

  • Dean Shillingford

    I just got a missed call from this number a few minutes ago, it rang twice I think before it stopped, clearly a call-back scam.

  • sophie

    I got that call like a min ago.. 14 digits? Knew something was wrong

  • wigsi

    Same here, just let it ring out this minute!

  • donna

    Myself and my husband are on the 3 network and we both had calls from that number lastnight it only rang 3 times

  • Michaela

    just now ,called me exactly same number and I am on 3 network,I did not answer

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps it’s about time a developer or phone operator offered an app that allowed blocking of nominated numbers. This would ensure that, at worst, you’d only be spammed once. The positive would be that you’d no longer be irritated by spam calls, PPI chasers, time-share sales people and the mother-in-law!

    • Tom Ranson
      • Anonymous

        Something like this but more to do with effective and simple-to-use call blocking feature for a WP8 phone and without having to have another contact list or application taking over calling functions. Judging by the comments on this thread these types of scams are pure fraud and, shockingly, the phone operators tolerate them, don’t appear to block them and yet stand by the charges for them so the mobile customer loses all round. I can’t see the fairness in that and much less that the phone operators allow it to happen.

        Thanks for your recommendation.

        • Tom Ranson

          Ah, I see. I am not familiar with WP8.

  • Lisa Price

    i had a call from this number this morning at 1.54am!!!! it only lasted a few seconds but it was enough to wake both me and my husband up. we are both on 3 network. not impressed!!!

  • Inika

    I had a call from this number at about 00.30am last night. I won’t answer it, but it is a nuisance as it shouldn’t happen.

    • mandy

      same here and its charged me 7 pounds

  • Lisa

    I was called at 2 fucking am by these wankers ! I had an ill toddler that had just got to sleep and woke him !

  • John

    On three, this number woke me up at 11pm, and in confusion dialed it back, twice lasting 2-3 seconds! Been charged £15!!!!!!!!!!! Will be complaining, there should be systems in place for a network to prevent mass calls like this. Whats the chances of getting it refunded?

  • GJ

    Also on 3 and had call from this number at 2.30 am this morning, only rang twice. luckily was working at the time, saw the number and ignored it, did not ring back.

  • Ted

    I am on T-Mobile and in the last week I had lots of missed calls and texts from 0061 numbers. The calls I don’t answer anyway but the texts come through and they get charged for reason and have racked up a substantial bill

  • David Lindsay

    shared on my site also. Thanks for the heads up