Specs Compared: Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One

There’s bound to be some fierce competition between the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Both handsets aim to grab that elusive smartphone crown and it’s fair to say there’s no love lost between the two companies (check out what HTC had to say about the S4!). So we’ve put together a side by side comparison of the two phones – which is the winner for you?

We’ve created our very own infographic to highlight some of the key differences to help you decide..

Specs Compared: Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One

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  • Martin

    Both phones have pretty damn awesome specs. I love the look of the HTC, the S4 is just a evolution of the look of the SIII. I really, really want the HTC camera to be awesome. The software features of the S4 are going to win a lot of new customers for them. Whoooda thunk a thermometer and pedometer would be causing such a fuss! ;)

    • Its interesting that Samsung have said those new software features will be made available on old models too – surely that really dents the SIV as a trade up from an SIII though?
      I still think Samsungs key phone will actually be the SIV Mini, not the SIV itself though.

      • Martin

        I would certainly be interested in a S4 mini if it had a decent CPU (Exynos 5 Dual / Snapdragon 400 / S4) / screen (4″ 720p) combo. The S4 and HTC One are just too big for me.

        • Yup, i know the trend is for bigger, but 4.3″ is the absolute max for a screen for me on a phone (and i have tried bigger!)

        • Anonymous

          That’s a big if. The current Mini is nothing like an actual Galaxy S3 Mini. There’s no reason to think a S4 Mini won’t also be another middle spec phone trading on the S4 name.

  • naughtybudgie

    HTC win on design but nothing else IMO. I so wanted to buy the HTC.. but I’m not convinced about “Ultrapixels”, Blinkfeed, and the battery size for such a behemoth.

    First review i’ve seen on The Verge says the battery is rubbish – I get 6 hours from my Sensation after 18 months… now i’ve seen the Samsung i might just take the hit on the lack of design… and go for it.

    It’s my belief HTC will fall further behind Samsung after the release of this year’s flagship models… it’s nothing they do’nt deserve.. heads should roll! they seem to know what’s best for their customers instead of listening to them….

  • I have the HTC One and it’s amazing…..2nd day with it and on it’s first full charge. Let’s see how amazing/shite this battery issue is.

    • naughtybudgie

      keep us posted!

    • NaughtyBudgie

      any update on the battery life?

  • weirdstuff

    Love the look of the HTC, not too fond of the Samsung. The comparison chart should note ‘removeable’ or ‘non-removeable in the battery section as the option of carrying a 2nd battery and swapping it over is surely a worthwhile benefit / worthy or note. I know my 1st ever HTC, the venerable HD2, was greatly enhanced by this ability – I bought 2 extra batteries and thankfully never ran out of juice…

    • Victor

      Luckily now-a-days there is something like an external
      battery, which makes this argument a lot less applicable. Sure it is not as convenient
      as swapping batteries, but there is no reason to be out of juice.

      • Martin

        Victor, quite right, I have recently bought one of these bad boys:

        It works a treat, isn’t that huge that you notice it that much (I keep it in my rucksack) It’ll charge my Xperia Ray 3 times from almost flat and still have a little in reserve. Better than a spare battery me thinks.

        • naughtybudgie

          you have to walk around with a rucksack to keep your phone charged…. great! ;-)

          • Martin

            pssshhh, when I am at work I have my rucksack, if I’m going out at night then my phone is fully charged before I go out. But the spare battery unit isn’t that big and would keep my phone fully charged all weekend if needed.;)

  • pva

    In such a competitive market, small (relevant) increments make a difference. To most eyes, the HTC One is prettier, the S4 has better specs on paper and more features (if you need/want them). Both are sure to be excellent devices and few people with genuine objectivity would just dismiss either out of hand.