Virgin Media disable speed caps

Virgin Media disable speed caps

The recent speed caps on Virgin Media appear to have now been lifted but don’t get too excited, they look to be coming back soon enough. The “teething troubles” have led to some customers getting pretty useless speeds on the network, which is hosted on the back of EE.

Virgin Media is attempting to ensure that everyone gets a fair slice of the pie, but the implementation appears to be stopping some getting any bandwidth at all. Some have questioned why there’s a sudden need to start tweaking 3G data, especially as this implementation of “traffic management” wasn’t communicated to customers.

Like standard definition TV, some feel that the speed of “normal” 3G data is being dialed down a little in an effort to make the upcoming 4G services seem more attractive.

What’s your thoughts on this? Have you bought a HD package after seeing the standard TV picture apparently getting worse? Has the “traffic managed” 3G network made you want 4G, or do you think this is just necessary as data usage increases?

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