Virgin Mobile introduces speed caps

Virgin Mobile introduces speed caps

Virgin Mobile have become the latest network to cap mobile data speeds, to a lowly 2mb/s.

Rumours had been circulating, but Virgin admitted the 2mb/s cap last night and tried to put a positive spin on the situation, saying “to ensure all our customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of mobile data on the move”. They also stated that they were “confident we’ll only ever increase the maximum speeds available to our customers in the future.”

Now speed caps get most people annoyed, and this does seem to be an almost emergency measure. Going for such a low speed cap (half of T-Mobile’s) and saying they will work up from there suggests they are dealing with some serious capacity issues. We don’t know whether Virgin have had a sudden influx of customers they didn’t plan for, or if they’ve had some bandwidth pulled back by EE, who’s network they use, but it looks like something caught them by surprise.

The new speed cap applies to both contract and pre-pay customers.


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