Three say “neigh” to data limits

Three say neigh to data limits

Three have gone a bit pony with their new ad campaign. The new commercial features a moonwalking Shetland Pony (yes, you read that right) and you’ll be able to share version of the ad through an online remix tool –

It’s to promote the fact that people love to share silly and daft stuff across the t’interwebs and this ad carries the strapline “Silly Stuff. It Matters”

Although Three don’t currently have 4G they’ll be rolling it out soon and, after another raft of price increases by T-Mobile and Orange, they’ll no doubt get a lot of attention. Three also promote their “ultrafast” DC-HSDPA network and have unlimited data packages in their arsenal.

By the way, the Pony is called Socks and you can see him strutting his stuff below… :)

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  • Anon

    and not an ounce of beef in sight !!! – LOL

  • Anon

    All you can eat data??? – No Thanx – Prefer a nice Sirloin!! – LOL

  • uncle bob

    All you can eat are not the words you want to hear right now when you see a picture of a horse!

  • iPhone Fan

    I’m thinking about moving to three with AYCE data plan.anyone had any problems with TrafficSense throttling their speed. I especially want to use Skype/FaceTime whilst out and about with running up a huge data bill. I’m with Vodafone now and got charged £20 for a 10min FaceTime chat with the kids!

    • bob

      hey iphone fanny, whilst their internet speeds were fantastic as was the price, I’d be careful with coverage.. It stinks!!!! I had to junk 3 in the end ( went to giff gaff) because the phone didn’t work at home… similar story at work… Just make sure you check your area for coverage b4 u take the plunge… oh, and get rid of that iJunk and get a proper phone ;)

    • I’m on AYCE with Three and the data speeds impressive. Coverage is great, but there are significant blackspots, so as Bob says, check your coverage before taking the plunge.

  • anon

    ponymixer !! – LOL

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that puts me off with Three is an experience I had a few years ago. I was relatively happy with them back then but I had an extra phone contract that I ended up not using. When it had expired, I tried to cancel it. I tried and I tried. It was possibly the most difficult thing I’d ever done!

    Once I eventually got through to somebody (in India) each time, they told me a different hoop I had to jump through. Eventually I wrote them a letter expressing my need to cancel, and that didn’t even get through. I sent one by recorded delivery and that eventually did it, but it took so much time.

    I vowed never to go back because of this, but it seems they are the only ‘reasonable’ provider left as far as data goes.

    What’s other folks experience with them?

    • Herman

      pay as you go… simple.. I never never never go with a contract for this type of reason. I was with 3 on payg, but the coverage was pants…. wouldnt go back.

  • Dr dredd

    I have great coverage from 3 ayce data is superb – yes the call centres are a pain but then are the alternatives any better. Having fought a huge battle when orange tried to bill me 2500 quid for going 1gb over the bundle three is so refreshing.

  • iPhone Fan

    Thanks everyone. I’m going to get a 30 day rolling contract so I can give it a try and cancel if reception is a problem. I work in lots of different areas so hopefully it will work in most them.