HTC One – Up close

HTC One   Up close

The HTC One press launch wasn’t the only place for people to see and feel the HTC One handset. The Phones 4u store in Oxford Street is letting people have a play with this hot new Android handset and they’ve sent us some advertising bits which I won’t force down your throat (basically, they want you to click to their site and get one. It’s free on plans costing £36 per month, available March 15th).

While I’m here, you can pre-order the silver or black HTC One (with 32GB of memory) for £425 (although it’s actually £510 with VAT then you have to add on £6 delivery, so it’s more like £516) from Clove. Meanwhile, Expansys have the same two devices for £519.99

So, in addition to our hands-on video there’s some dude called Dan showing the new interface in a much quieter environment. Give it a watch.. 🙂

Oh, and if you want to see lots of people converting the Oxford Street store, here’s how it all happened..