Sony Playstation Meeting – Live with Coolsmartphone

The traditional console-based (and PC) entertainment and mobile worlds are converging at a rapid pace. With this in mind, what lies in store at this evening’s PlayStation Meeting? It’s rumoured that Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 – and you can get the latest action, video, news, photos and updates right here on Coolsmartphone. We’ve also embedded the official Sony livestream above so you can follow it along with us. You can choose your language by pressing the ‘Choose a different camera’ icon (hover over the video). Make sure to tune in from 11PM!


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  • Steve

    Coolsmartphone? CoolSMARTPHONE? Chromebooks was bad enough this but this is just desperate for hits. This sites going downhill. Used to be a funny site with a sideways slant on the news but now it’s a group of people pretending to be a techblog with trolly opinion posts and Apple bashing aplenty. Such a shame to see it lose its way so very badly.