Huawei tease ahead of MWC

OK, we’re confused. Sure, it’s bad enough trying to pronounce the company (is it He-oo-wii or Ho-wah-way or He-oo-way or somewhere in between?) Now.. now we have this.. errr.. picture. The jury is out on what exactly it is. Perhaps an egg gently nestling between two firm, round.. errrrr…rocks? We think they’re going for the “thin, light, but strong” idea here. Their Twitter feed says, and I quote…

Man holds options so he can, literally, thin them down to one. Possibilities made possible on February 24th.



Still none the wiser.

Huawei tease ahead of MWC

Either way, we may mock, but Hauwei have proved to be a very serious contender recently. We LOVED the P1 and the D1 Quad was a stunning bit of kit. As usual, we’ll be on site reporting from the launch in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress.

Link – Twitter