New iPhone rumour roundup

New iPhone rumour roundup

Not a day goes by without about another Apple related rumour – one of the latest being the idea of the iWatch. So we thought we’d round up all the new iPhone related rumours:

  • Name – iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 seem to be the favourites on┬áthe┬árumour mill, but what about simply New iPhone? Apple have used the name ‘New iPad’ in the past, so all three could be legit. I think the amount of changes made to the iPhone will determine the name.
  • Size – An increase of 0.8″ making the display 4.8″ diagonally is thought to be on the new iPhone. That’s extra space for Face-timing and working.
  • Camera – A super HD camera is thought to be added to the latest iPhone. A camera upgrade would be a great addition as many were surprised to see the same 8MP camera in the iPhone 5.
  • NFC – NFC you say?! When the iPhone 5 was announced there seemed to be a bit of outrage that it didn’t feature NFC – some even said it would end Apple (a little OTT if you ask me) – so with the rumour of a new iPhone comes the age old debate and rumour of NFC.
  • Storage – The internal memory of the new iPhone is thought to be ramped up to 128GB – good news for music and app fans!
  • Two iPhones – Will we see two iPhones this year? Rumour is we’ll see the new expensive iPhone and a cheaper version as Apple plan to release two phones yearly instead of the usual one. This will help them to be more competitive with Android manufacturers supposedly, but only time will tell.

So what would you like to see in the new iPhone? Personally I think an improved camera, better battery and change in the iOS system would be great. More colour variations of the iPhone might be a good move too.

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  • MadMeddler

    What changes to iOS would you most like to see?

    • Laura

      Hey, I’d love to see iOS allow more freedom in what you can do without the need for an app. Also a re-design might be a nice idea – when you move from one Apple phone to another there’s nothing different or new in the way you use it. Laura

  • Anonymous

    All those rumours are a bit ‘meh’. Apple shouldn’t be playing a catch-up game. Who cares what it’s called. That ‘New iPad’ thing was stupid, and (IIRC) Apple even refer to the latest iPad as the iPad 4, and the old one as iPad 3. Which makes sense.

    NFC needs adding – it’s the way everything’s going. If they don’t, they will gradually fail as there’s more take-up. Camera – whatever. Not everyone needs a fantastic camera, and quite honestly if that’s your primary concern, there are plenty of phones around which would satisfy. In fact, due to the awkward file transfer methods on the iPhone, I’d say you’re almost always better off with an Android with a great camera.

    This storage thing is getting old too. To my mind, Apple have no particular reason for not allowing external storage – they just won’t. 128GB is nice, but you have to pay a million pounds for it. So, not that nice.

    Apple are behind at the moment. Their OS is restrictive. They are trying their damnedest to stop their devices being jailbroken. They didn’t really come out with anything too innovative in the iPhone 5, while all the other manufacturers are making some blinding phones (Sony, Samsung, HTC).

    I do like Apple because of the Ecosystem, the general quality of the Apps, the fact that most accessories are made for iPhones (although not the 5) and the fact that they are smooth, browse the Internet well, and kind-of do just about everything I want. Not sure how much longer this will last though.

    • laura

      Totally agree about the OS – I agree that Apple need to do something different to help them stay around, Laura