Pie Launcher: One of the best navigation tools for your device.

Pie Launcher: One of the best navigation tools for your device.

The Pie Launcher is probably the most used app on my phone other than Swift Key Flow. It helps me quickly navigate to the things that I access a lot. It helps me save button presses. It makes my life so much better!!

There is so much that this launcher does, it is hard to write about it without writing a book. So, I’m going to go over some of the basics, particularly what I use, and then put the link to the app and all of it’s info at the bottom.

First and foremost, this is an addition to your current launcher-it doesn’t replace your launcher! The picture above should give you the basic idea of how you navigate with it. Everything about the launcher is customizable, I mean everything! Colors, long presses, how many rows, etc.

In addition to the basic launcher, the dev also gives all sorts of gesture based custom actions. This is truly a navigator app in every sense of the word.

I HIGHLY encourage everyone to get this app and, also, to support the dev. This guy is doing some awesome work!

The app does require that you have a rooted phone as well as side loading the app from XDA.

Go to the link below to download the app and to find out all about what it does..

Link – XDA link

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