Get the Full Monty SIM-only, just £16 per month. Be quick though!

Get the Full Monty SIM only, just £16 per month. Be quick though!T-Mobile are right in the middle of a special flash sale. Today, if you’re quick, you can get a Full Monty 12 month SIM-only plan for just £16 per month. This used to cost £31 per month and had a recent reduction to £21 per month, but today you can get yourself unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and unlimited data for that £16.

It seems like a pretty good deal if you’re looking to exit a contract but keep your phone. Oh, and you get WiFi access on the Tube too. Cool.

We’re hearing that it’s best to get this offer online rather than in-store but do hurry, it ends today.

Link – More details

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  • Anonymous

    How unlimited is the data, compared to Three’s -actual’ all you can eat deal? Also, does T-Mobile still speed cap? I know 3.6Mbps isn’t bad, but when you’ve experienced speeds of 15 or 20Mbps, it still feels slow – and the EE network is being upgraded quite rapidly for DC-HSPA and it would seem a shame to not be able to use it because a tariff restriction.

    • The amount of data is unlimited, but speed capped – that’s the restriction they impose to slow down how much data you can use up (unlike Three).