New version of Truphone App to hit BlackBerry 10 OS

New version of Truphone App to hit BlackBerry 10 OS

Before the term ‘smartphone’ really meant anything to the mainstream other than using an S60 device and long before Skype or WhatsApp were the forces that they are today, this company Truphone was launched. The fact they’ve stayed true and consistently put out apps for BlackBerrys made me have a soft spot for them, so it was nice to see they announced an app for BlackBerry 10 so quickly. Apparently the new OS has a number of developer friendly features and advanced API’s, so Truphone took advantage of that to have a new version of the client built.
At the time, I wasn’t that interested in VoIP, or anything of the sort. What I wanted was to be able to make cheap calls wherever I wanted, and in the cases that I was travelling, I wanted to be contactable without it getting me into the level of debt that your average South American country carries.

Yes, things have changed. Yes, there are other players in that space. No, I don’t use them so much anymore due to the above reasons, but what I remember really well, is that when I had to use the service, it was rock solid.

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Takes Advantage of new BlackBerry Operating System Features and APIs

LONDON, Jan. 30, 2013 – Truphone today announced a completely new BlackBerry 10 version
of its Tru App, enabling users to save up to 90 percent on international voice calls while enjoying enhanced audio quality. Available for use wherever Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G are available, Tru App 5.0 brings all the features of Truphone’s mobile VoIP applications to BlackBerry devices for the first time.

“Voice technologies in mobile continue to mature and companies like Truphone continue to find ways to innovate on the BlackBerry 10 platform. This is the best time for developers to take advantage of the wide array of tools for the BlackBerry platform and to be among the first crop of applications available to BlackBerry 10 customers,” said Alec Saunders, Vice President, Developer Relations and Ecosystems at Research In Motion. “By leveraging the open nature of the BlackBerry 10 platform and the breadth of API support we have, Truphone is now able to offer enterprises and BlackBerry customers VoIP solutions that will enhance communications immensely.”

Truphone introduced its first BlackBerry app in 2008. As a brand-new BlackBerry OS rather than a point upgrade, OS10 gave Truphone several new tools for providing its customers with a richer, more convenient user experience.

“Before BlackBerry10, RIM’s operating systems limited developers by not providing the right APIs or restricting access to the Wi-Fi stack,” said Truphone CTO, James Tagg. He continued “Those limitations made it impossible for Truphone to offer BlackBerry users the same functionality we make available on other operating systems. BlackBerry 10 provides a far more developer-friendly environment, including functionality that enables Truphone to deliver its improved user experience to BlackBerry 10 smartphones and tablet users.”

The Tru App for BlackBerry 10 also sports an enhanced user interface, which Truphone plans to build on with increasingly valuable functionality over the coming months.Tru 5.0 will be available in the updated BlackBerry World even before the first BlackBerry 10 devices go on sale.

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Truphone, the pioneering international mobile communications company, helps people and businesses around the world stay connected, wherever they may be. The company’s unique SIM-based offering works in more than 200 countries, significantly reducing the cost and complexity of staying connected across international borders.

Truphone was the first company to develop a VoIP application for smartphones, releasing the Tru App in October 2006 – since then the company has established a strong track record for technical innovation in GSM and VoIP, winning multiple awards.