A mobile phone that gets you drunk

A mobile phone that gets you drunkThis one is definitely for the weekend. If you’re looking to.. err.. sneak a little alcohol into somewhere, try this. It’s a hip flask, which you can fill with your booze of choice, but it’s got a trick up its sleeve. It’s shaped like a retro mobile phone!

We particularly like the reviews on this one.. 🙂

I bought this so I could sneak a little tifter into work. As I work in a prison, where being in possession of a mobile phone is a criminal offence, I was sacked on the spot. Trying to explain it was a dummy phone containing alcohol, which is also not allowed, obviously, just made things worse.


I thought it was a brilliant idea to have a phone which was also a hip flask. The hip flask bit works ok but the phone is rubbish and I couln’t even work out how to make a call.

There’s versions elsewhere too. We found this one on Blinkgifts which includes a cover – just for that extra bit of class. Oh, and they’ll engrave a message on it too. eBay also has a fine selection, including slightly different version.

So, if you’re day at work needs a little “kick”, why not head off to guaranteed unemployment by bringing a shiny silver “mobile phone” into work. You can get progressively drunk throughout the day and make louder and louder calls on your fake mobe whilst slurring your words. Niiiiceeee….

Source – AmazonBlinkgifts