Notification Weather app

The notification bar is one of the key strengths of Android. It is the main place where we keep track of what is going on in the foreground and it is also where we are notified of, you guessed it, notifications.

We are able to put information in the notification bar and have it updated constantly (or in intervals depending on the app) so that we can always keeptrack of certain information. Well, for this writer and many other Android users, the weather is very important to us; it is especially important if you live in Ohio! This is where Notification Weather is very handy!

Notification Weather keeps up to five days of weather information available to you at all times. It gives you a plethora of information in a simple and intuitive fashion. It also has a high level of customization. And, it is light on the battery-it doesn’t even show up on my usage stats!

Notification Weather app

There is a free version and a paid version with a few differences between them. If you are like me and appreciate the good developers, go on ahead and pay for it if you like it.

Link – Play Store