Tile Launcher Beta app review

Tile Launcher Beta app review

Tile Launcher Beta is an awesome app! I absolutely love it! And, yes, that is how I am opening this post. I am too excited :-).

Tile Launcher Beta is a replacement for your good old stock home screen. The basic idea of it is using tiles for everything, from icons to widgets. It accomplishes this task very well. Many similar launchers have a hard time being light on memory and loading quickly. Tile Launcher, however, is light and quick.

It lacks in customization, but in my opinion, this is no reason to not be switching over to this app.

It is extremely easy to set up and super fun to customize and simply enjoy looking at :-). And, I’ve saved the best first last: Tile Launcher Beta is 100% FREE!

Head on over to the link below to download the app! Comment below on your experience with Launcher Beta!

Play Store link