HTC One SV LTE – Buy it on EE right now.

HTC One SV LTE   Buy it on EE right now.

Hi, I’m Kevin Bacon. Superfast 4G now comes with a new HTC device – the HTC One SV LTE. Of course, you knew it was coming when we first mentioned the handset back in December, but now we have the prices. It’s free on £36 per month plans (over two years) and for that you’ll get unlimited texts, calls and 500MB of data.

HTC One SV LTE   Buy it on EE right now.

Crank things up a notch and you can get 1GB for £41 per month, 3GB for £46 per month, 5GB for £51 per month or the full 8GB for .. ouch… £56 per month.

Head this way to get more info on the 4G-powered HTC One SV.

Link – EE

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  • Martin

    500meg of superfast 4g data, wooooooo, so generous. I’ll pass I think! EE really need to quadruple their allowances. Surely 2 gig is not too much to ask on a 4G contract?

  • 500mb…. meh…. no thanks

  • Soooo expensive! They’ve dropped the good camera, imaging chip and extra resolution on the screen to squeeze in 4G – oh and a slower processor. So couple that with EE’s ludicrous data limits, and that’s a big fat failure.