Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary

Back in November last year I mentioned that it had been a decade since I started creating a few pages on the back of a family website. However, as you can see below, the Coolsmartphone domain becomes a full 10 years old on February 14th 2013 – just days away…

Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we’ll be running a series of competitions. Our friends at Lookout Mobile Security have already come forward to offer 10 Premium accounts as prizes ..

Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary

Also HTC have offered up three HTC One V handsets…

Celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary

We’ll be adding more gadgets and mobiles to the prize-pile very soon. If you’re a company wanting to include something, give me a shout. We will reveal what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning, so stay tuned. All I will say at this point is that commenting definitely helps :)

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  • dsNin

    I look foward to trying to win one og those HTC phones :)

    • dsNin

      og = of, and I know, it was shameless :)

  • en_croute

    Leigh: Don’t forget to renew your domain before 14th February!

  • Cracking site, always take a look every day and also thanks to twitter and flipboard it’s easier than ever to keep up to date with all things coolsmartphone

  • Daniel Maybury

    Look forward to getting a chance to win some prizes

  • Kaiser

    I can’t wait been following this website since it started!

  • David Lindsay

    Awesome. Happy Anniversary for feb :-)

  • Paul Sleight

    Congratulations Leigh, and the rest of the team! Keep up the good work, Coolsmartphone is always the first place I go when I get on t’web, ever since my first SPV
    Hope to do so for the next 10 years ;-)

  • 10 years wow! It feels like 20 ;)

    Only joking, great site, keep up the good work.

  • Amazing how much has changed in 10 years – my first phone was SPVC500 – look where we are now. I remember your difficult decision to move away from Windows mobile coverage to Android, always great to see such longevity.

  • Biggsim

    Been looking at the site since I had my SPV. Always worth a look. Loving the videos!

  • Martin

    Blimey 10 years! It was thanks to this site that I got a SPV500 and found out how to unlock it and get sat nav running :) Keep up the good work chaps.

  • Simon

    Congratulations Leigh and the team, coolsmartphone is one of my homescreens, first place I go to for phone reviews. Been here since my first Orange SPV and loving the shaky video reviews on the seat of your car!

  • buff69

    Well done thank you its a great site i read it every day ever since me old orange spv

  • 10 years…..congrats.
    Have been visiting here for about 4 years and love what you do :-)

  • cul04

    OMG 10 years of “Cool” stuff where did the time go, keep up the good work guys

  • Simon Hardy

    Congratulations. And I have been with you for the whole 10 years, ever since I had the original SPV. :-)
    What would be really awesome is if you got hold of some Nexus 4s to give away. ;-)

  • Jdave

    Spv with a £90 256mb sd card was a good phone..

  • Hasham Hanif

    Woah 10 years, wow.. I have been following this site for almost 6 years now :)