Blackberry services down? – Resolved

Blackberry services down?   Resolved

Reports around this morning that the BT network has failed nationwide and by extension, so have the Blackberry services. This effects messages, email and internet. It’s not clear what has happened but we have a few Blackberry devices that are showing signs of this. Is your blackberry misbehaving? Let us know. We will update this post with more information when we get it, watch this space…

Update 1: Vodacom has tweeted saying they have a service outage in Europe that is effecting users in South Africa…

Update 2: This morning at 9.17am BT reported that their problem was indeed nationwide, at 10.56am they got in touch again to tell us that the service was still experiencing issues and they were still investigating the problem.

Update 3: A few of you chiming in with your experience. Steven Cowen by email saying they have had intermittent service on their Blackberrys at his place of work. A few of you in the comments saying they are having problems with Vodafone, BT and Blackberry services. Someone pointed out that there is a planned service outage for EE Blackberry users tonight from 10pm till 6am tomorrow morning.

Update 4: So how bad exactly is this outage? Well here in the UK it has been confirmed that it’s effecting BT and Vodafone services. People saying that their Orange and Virgin devices work fine, by extension I am sure we can assume T-Mobile are also fine. Vodafone are reporting some outage across Europe as well and some services in South Africa. No word from anyone on O2 yet, care to get in touch?

Update 5: The final update! BT have provided an update to advise that some users are still affected, however they have managed to bring part of the service back up. Shouldn’t be too long before that is sorted.

Vodacom have also tweeted that they have solved their issues and clarified what happened.

BlackBerry update: Today’s issue hit services in Europe, the Middle East & Africa. The cause (server error) has been fixed. Apologies again.

Original source – TechGecko