Try EE 4G yourself, free for a month. Here’s how..

Try EE 4G yourself, free for a month. Heres how..Those bods at Expansys are offering up free 4G SIM cards on EE. Now wait, I know – we’ve heard quite a bit about the data limits on EE, but this might be worth a looksie if you’re after some extra speed. Here you can get a 4G Data SIM for nothing (just use the FREE4G code before 5PM on Friday). Then, once you’ve popped it into your device, you get a whole month of completely free data, so you can try out the network yourself.

Micro and Nano SIM cards are available and it’ll roam between 4G and 3G networks. After that it’ll be £15.99 per month on a rolling one month contract, and for that you get 5GB of data every month. Now, I’ll be honest, £15.99 is a bit higher than I’d like to pay. By comparison you can get a rolling monthly contract on Three which will give you 10GB for £15 per month. But hey, I managed to push 28Mbp/s with just one bar of 4G and Dan managed nearly 60Mbp/s so if it’s super-speed you’re after, why not give it a try – you at least get a month to give it a spin.

Plus, if you want a new phone to work on the 4G network, you can always sell your existing 3G one quickly through a mobile phone recycling site.

Link – Expansys