Microsoft “surprised” by Google ActiveSync drop

Microsoft surprised by Google ActiveSync drop

The war between Microsoft and Google continues. Following the spat over a Windows Phone YouTube client, Microsoft has responded on a different matter – the removal of ActiveSync support for GMail and Google Apps users with Windows Phones.

Like many, we are surprised and disappointed that Google wants to make it more difficult for customers to connect their accounts to their devices. If you want better email, especially for your phone or tablet, now is a perfect time to join the millions who have already made the choice to upgrade to Windows Phone users will still be able to sync their Google email via IMAP.

We’re not totally sure why Microsoft were “surprised” by this move. It was, after all, expected and Google have added DAV support in order to stop paying Microsoft a fee for using the ActiveSync technology. Apple and Android users won’t be affected by this change as both have supported DAV for a number of years, however Microsoft seem unwilling to implement DAV and are sticking to IMAP whilst telling their own customers to stop using GMail and instead switch to mail.

Eh? Microsoft, you’re still kicking around the playground as if you own it. The world has moved on. How many people use Bing and OK, both of you put your hands down. You’re not the big kid in school any more and unfortunately you’re going to have to do what the bigger kid wants every now and then. Can you hear what you’re saying? “We can’t do the same stuff as other smartphones because it’s all Googles’ fault.” Sorry, but that sounds like the little kid in the playground crying because no-one wants to play..

Then again, I’ve tried for 5 years to get Google to add us to Google News but they’ve not responded once.

Link – TheVerge