EE HTC One X gets Jelly Bean

EE HTC One X gets Jelly Bean

Tom Darcy has just pinged me an email after having Android Jelly Bean arrive on his HTC One X. It started arriving about a month ago elsewhere but Tom is on EE so if you got your handset through Orange or T-Mobile, look for an update right now.

Settings > About > Software updates > Check now

…if you’re looking to find it.

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  • T

    nothing yet on T-mob

  • Roodly Philogene

    People should be updating to the latest version of the os, not just 4.1 that that came almost half a year ago.

  • Yes, it arrived on my Orange HTC One X on Boxing Day!

    It took me a while to work out how to launch Google Now, since the upwards swipe that works on a Nexus 7 doesn’t seem to work with HTC’s Sense (Press and hold the Home button).

    But overall a significant and worthwhile update. Let’s hope that we get a 4.2 update before the phone stops being supported!

  • Hasham Hanif

    Nothing yet on T-Mobile, Orange users got the update couple of days ago, its weird as Orange and T-Mobile are the same company now and the previous update on the ONE X came at the same time on Orange and T-Mobile.

  • Lee Marshall

    Still nothing on my T-Mobile version.

  • JJ

    still nothing on tmobile yet, i dont understand why it takes so long

  • Chris

    just got the update this morning on ee, previously t mobile

  • Francis

    Guys check your phone, I’ve got Jellybean on the download right now. I’m locked to tmobile UK. It’s finally here folks. It’s 2 downloads first is a small one, install and restart and then second is a hefty 300mb download. If you don’t get it straight away keep checking as it may not have reached yet. But it’s here!