More Sony Yuga photos appear online

Following on from our previous article have a set of images of the new Sony Yuga, rumoured to be making an appearance at CES in January.

The device has some rather crazy specs, a 3ghz processor, 128gb of storage, and a 16MP camera to name a few.

It looks nice enough, and Sony have produced some great hardware in the past, so this is definitely one to watch.

I’m definitely a fan of camera phones, and Sony have had a pretty solid track record in this area.

Whilst megapixel count isn’t everything, hopefully Sony can pair it up with some decent optics and give the current crop a run for their money.

More Sony Yuga photos appear online

More Sony Yuga photos appear online

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  • Martin

    I love tech, I really do, however, I really wish companies would also make smaller versions of their monster phones. Loads of us have tablets so don’t need to be lugging 4.3″ -> 5″ phones around with us. Please make smaller hi-res screened versions of your phones too.

    I’ve just been on the Mobile-Review site. The screen shots show that it is a 1.5 gig processor, not 3ghz, the camera is a 12.8mp jobbie not 16.
    Also, if the screenshots are correct, the phone has a screen resolution of 1776*1080, what? Full HD is 1920*1080, where are the rest of the pixels?