Nexus 4 back to sold out status

With many people still waiting to get their hands on the Nexus 4 from Google direct, a little while ago orders were reopened to allow more people to place their order and get in the line for the new Android flagship phone.

As expected though orders started flooding in and until earlier tonight you could still place an order but with an expected waiting time of 6 to 7 weeks before it would be ‘in stock’ and dispatched.

Looks like once again orders for the Nexus 4 have become too much and the site had been updated as of 00:15 on the 16th December to ‘sold out’ status which will not allow any new orders to be made.

Nexus 4 back to sold out status

There are other way to get your Nexus 4, however all involve either signing up to a new contract or upgrading if you are eligible or by paying the full retail price of around £399 to get the 16GB model, £120 more than Google charge which is why the demand was so high.

Ravi has put together a great review of the Nexus 4 which you can head here 

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