Huawei to launch an Apple and Samsung-beating handset

Huawei to launch an Apple and Samsung beating handsetI’ve said it many, many times before and I’ll say it once again… in bold font…

Watch out for Huawei

When I looked at the Ascend P1 I was amazed at how good it was. It’s nothing short of fantastic, and their kit is getting better by the month. Well made, well designed and there’s a certain class about their handsets.

Now they’re upping the ante, telling that …

If our R&D people have not made a mistake, then we will have something in the second half of 2013 that’s better than Apple and Samsung.

Honestly, if you asked me a year or two ago I would’ve scoffed, but they just might have the ability. Of course, if they are to launch a phone that’s better than Apple and Samsung it’ll happen at Mobile World Congress where we will, as usual, be reporting live.

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