LG Nexus 4 discounted on 3rd party Vodafone contracts

LG Nexus 4 discounted on 3rd party Vodafone contracts

Looking for a Nexus 4? Whilst generally browsing around and I’ve been checking different websites to see what’s available. I think I’ve found a bargain.

The guys over at Digital Phone Company sell Vodafone contracts and they have discounted the Nexus 4. They’re showing the 16GB variant as limited but in stock (at time of writing this).

The cheapest deal for the 16GB device is £36 a month with £49.99 upfront and only a 12 month commitment. This gives you 300 mins 3000 texts and 500MB of data. An excellent deal for a low user.

For those that use their phone a lot, you can get it on the Red tariff. This is a £37 a month with a 24 month commitment and no up front cost. It gives you unlimited calls and texts with 1GB data allowance.

Remember that on either of these deals you get the Data Test Drive, a 3 month unlimited trial of Vodafone’s data services.

Fancy getting one? Head on over to Digital Phone Company.

Link – Digital Phone Company

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  • mufc67

    36 a month plus 50 quid up front for a phone with a sim free price of 280 is an awful deal. you can get more minutes, texts and data on payg on Three than they are offering here.

    • Anonymous

      It works out as a good deal for those that wouldn’t like to wait weeks for Google to pull their finger out and don’t like the idea of paying £389 straight out. This way you get a service too and it’s only 12 months commitment, which is unusual nowadays :)

      • mufc67

        The 12 months part is good and very rare. However to me this contract looks like the company taking advantage of people’s lack of patience, more fool them I guess.