Nexus 4 back in stock at 5pm

Nexus 4 back in stock at 5pm

Google has announced that the Nexus 4 will be back in stock and ready for purchase at 5pm UK time today. Hopefully this will be the start of continuous stock. This happened in the US last week with the device quickly selling out and delivery times stretching up to 10 weeks before the Sold Out notice was put back up again so if you’re wanting a Nexus 4 at cheap Google prices then you’d better be ready at 5.


UPDATE 5:03PM – Both Versions are now available

UPDATE 5:06PM –  8GB has now slipped to 4-5 Week Shipping.

UPDATE 5:40P – 16GB is now 4-5 week shipping also

UPDATE 9:46PM – 8GB is now sold out, 16gb is now 5-6 week shipping.




You can get a Nexus 7 for £50, kind of.
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  • give it 5 mins and they will be gone again..

  • anon

    not available yet @ 17.03!

  • anon

    now available – 16gb ships in 1 – 2 weeks – wise up google – get ur act together!!!

  • anon

    8GB – shipping 4-5 weeks – Even Apple aint that bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    Wat a JOKE @ shipping times !!!!!!

  • Moo Moo Head

    4-5 weeks, where are they getting their stock from Mongolia?

  • Got One!

  • bugeyes!

    Sweet got a 16 gig!!!!

  • Paul Sleight

    ordered at 5.12, only because my Nexus 7 and Chrome couldn’t handle the order page drop-down delivery address box, so had to rush to get laptop out! Doh! didn’t see that one coming. Confirmed 4-5 weeks delivery. – Happy Birthday to me :-)

  • i got my order in early, said shipping is 1-2 weeks. I guess you guys are later in the queue

  • Drew

    mine said 4-5 weeks, but it’s now been just 2 days and I got an email saying my order has been shipped!

    • bugs

      wish mine said shipped! ordered within ten minutes of availability with a 1-2 week delivery time come on Google !! i’ve flogged my galaxy nexus and i’m struggling with my old defy mini!!!……… :(