Huawei blow hundreds of people away

Huawei have decided that the best way to promote their latest 4G handset is to make Santa look like he’s already on his sleigh.

If you’re looking for mobile phone deals then the Ascend P1 LTE is a handset we reviewed some time ago and it’s rather epic. It’s now available on EE for nothing on plans starting at £36 per month. So, to celebrate the speed of the new 4G network on this 4G phone, they’re setting up a G-force booth in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

If you fancy having your face look a bit strange, head down there and have a look at the Huawei kit. They’ve got cheaper handsets which could be the perfect stocking filler too.

There’s Huawei kit available on the new 4G network, EE. The selection includes the E589 LTE mobile Wi-Fi device and the E392 LTE dongle too. They have the most products of any brand in EE’s current 4G device range.

Click on for more or check our Ascend P1 review if you’d looking to get that.

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