Gmail udpate brings pinch to zoom and swipe to archive/delete

Google have just released the latest version of Gmail for Android onto the Google Play store. Those of you with Android 4.2 will already be familiar with the major changes it brings, namely pinch to zoom (finally!) and the ability to swipe messages to archive/delete them.

The features work just as expected and pinch to zoom in particular finally adds some much needed functionality that iOS (and even Windows Phone!) have had for a long time. Strangely though, it isn’t activated by default and has to be turned on from within the app settings.

As I mentioned in my 4.2 review, while I do like the new swipe gestures, I’ve currently set mine to delete as archiving does not also mark the item as read.

Nonetheless, it’s a decent enough update and Google have had the good sense to make sure that it’s available for all versions of Android from ICS upwards.