New handsets will still run Windows Phone 7.8

New handsets will still run Windows Phone 7.8Got one of those Windows Phone handsets running 7.5? Gutted that you’re not getting Windows Phone 8? Well, you’re getting Windows Phone 7.8 at least. Last night we told you that you might have to wait a few more months though.

The Windows Phone Blog details the upgrade, but it seems that yet more devices are set to launch with the older Windows Phone 7.8 OS still. From the post, we can only assume that WP7 is the low end (“emerging markets”) platform, and WP8 is the higher end.

New models running Windows Phone 7.8 are beginning to launch in many countries around the world, strengthening the ecosystem by bringing more Windows Phones to more people.

These devices will typically be sold at a range of lower price points, meaning there will now be Windows Phones for everyone’s budget and need. This is incredibly important for broadening the reach of Windows Phone across the globe and ensuring we have the right product for every market.

Fragmentation much?

If you’re one of those “early adopters” who bought a phone powered by Windows Phone 7.5 then you’ll have to wait until “early 2013” for the update, which basically boils down to a slightly different Start screen and some extra colours. Oh, and that’s not me being bitter – have a read of the comments under their blog post. Oooo… Nasty.

Link – Windows Phone Blog

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  • Nrrrgggg, Microsoft, Microsoft!! Even when they produce a half decent product, they still screw it up through implementation and abandonment.
    They have the corporate attention span of a 2 year old, how they expect anyone to remain loyal to the brand I do not know!

  • Trevor

    It’s not Microsoft’s fault though. It’s the phone manufacturers and marketing people. The other bits of WP8 are dependant on the hardware, which means older phones (or older architectures) can’t support the full featureset, so there’s no need to burden the phones with software that won’t provide any benefit. It’s marketing that pushes these phones as “new” when they’re closer to obsolete that is to blame.

  • Aran

    Well I am choosing to take this odd, defragmenting news in the only positive way I can think of; hopefully this will mean developers keep producing apps for 7.8 devices. I’m still very happy with my Omnia 7 and if this means a continuous stream of new apps for this older eco-system then I say coolio. All 7.8 apps will still work on Windows Phone 8 devices so it’s not wasted money and may well provide a cheap intoduction to the extreamly viable and fun Windows Phone O/S.