Will.i.am iPhone camera add-on – more details revealed

If you happen to be drinking tea whilst you’re reading this.. I’d stop now. It may end up all over your monitor.

As we reported a few days ago Will.i.am has shed some more light on the iPhone camera attachment.

There are two models, a contemporary (named C.4) version and a vintage version (V.4).  They retail at £199 and £299 respectively. 


These models are only compatible with the iPhone 4/4S and use the camera hardware already included with your phone, but have lenses included to use with your photographs.

The more advanced C.5/V.5 models that work with the iPhone 5, and has it’s own camera hardware and flash won’t arrive until next year.

There will be an app, for controlling things like filters, and the built-in flash.

Whilst this is a good idea, I can’t help think that £200 is a ridiculous sum of money, particularly when the device doesn’t improve on the camera hardware as promised, although with a ‘proper’ flash may well improve pub shots.

Then again, £200 buys you a pretty good point and shoot these days!

Images of the V.4 and C.4 are below…

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Link – Macrumors