Apple vs Google – Let battle commence.

Apple vs Google   Let battle commence.

We all know that feeling.  The moment when your heart leaps out of your chest and thumps at a thousand miles per hour just as your phone hits the floor.

I’m fairly certain that each and every one of us has dropped our handset at one time or another and felt that awful trepidation as you pick it up in order to ascertain the damage.

Well, the folks over at phonearena have posted a video showing the latest drop test featuring the latest models from each manufacturer.  The iPhone 5, iPad mini and 10″ iPad do battle with the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

Who will come out on top?  Well, watch the video and see for yourself!!

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  • Malcolm

    Misleading headline Simon, google doesn’t make any of these devices. a truthful headline wouldnt give you good SEO though!

    • Simon Allum

      They are all Google branded and sold as Google Nexus Devices.

    • Uncle Timmy

      Have to agree. Sensational headline only to find its a drop test. This site needs an active editor. Also who carries any of their devices without a cover these days. It’s high time someone did some drop tests with covers on the devices.

  • But its not the branding they are testing. It is the quality of the manufacturing. Which is LG and ASUS.

  • androidgirls

    why arent you all moaning about googles poor build quality if apple had smashed you be straight on there back….

    • Anonymous

      I take it you’ve never heard of our very own Jamie Ryan!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta hand it to Apple. They don’t make their devices either, but it looks like they design them very well.