Vodafone refresh their SIM-only plans

Vodafone refresh their SIM only plansData plans can be confusing. Seen those people staring blankly at catalogues in mobile shops? Yup. That’s them.

Vodafone have done some research and have looked at SIM-only deals. They’ve found that people generally found that people looking for SIM-only deals do so for two reasons…

a) They’re reaching the end of their contract and don’t want to change, so fill “the gap” with a SIM-only deal to reduce the costs.

b) Pay as you go customers who want control and like longer term contracts.

Their new SIM-only plans fall into those two categories – 12 month SIM-only plans and 30 day SIM-only plans. The 12-month SIM-only plans start at £10.50 per month and for that you get 300 minutes, unlimited texts amd 250MB of data. It steps up from there – £15.50 per month for 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data, £20.50 for unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. The top plan is £26 per month and gets you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data.

If you want to switch to a 30-day deal then it’s £13 for 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB. £18 for 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB or £23 for 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB.

Interested? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I think I must have got a deal with voda then as I currently have 300mins, unlimited texts & 1 gb data for £20.

  • HaraldBB

    It looks like there is a mobile network for everyone. A network for geeks, a network for moderate geeks, network for semi-geeks and finally a network for complete idiots (no offence).
    250MB data plan in 2012? I see two possible options:
    1. somebody in Vodafone is stupid
    2. they think that clients are stupid
    Currently plan with 100 min, unlimited texts and 250 MB cost £7.50. Who want to pay almost double price?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, couldn’t agree with you more. It does seem awfully expensive for what you get. Why would you ever want a 12-month SIM only deal either? That makes no sense at all. It’s not like you’re paying for a phone. 30-day rolling makes a lot more sense, as it means that as and when you fancy upgrading your phone, you can slip into a contract instantly. I would say if anything, Vodafone have complicated matters. What real difference does it make to Vodafone if you are locked into a contract anyway?

      What I’d like to see are much more flexible plans. For example, I want a plan like this:

      Low minutes (100 mins)
      No texts (don’t mind paying 2p per text or something if and when I need to send one)
      High Data (2GB or more, UNRESTRICTED)

      Considering there are only three variables in such a plan (calls, texts, data), why can’t WE choose what we have, rather than let the phone companies give us a bunch of stuff we don’t want, just so we have enough of what we DO want.

      What I’ve always wanted is a Broadband sim (you know, the ones you get in the dongles which give you 3GB per month for £10-15), and just have standard rate calls and texts as and when I want to use them. Maybe a flat-charge on the calls would be nice (standard 10p a minute or something).

      Either that, or a data plan that rolls over. Some months I’ll have used 10% of my data allowances, yet the next month I’ll need double. So I end up paying A LOT extra, just because they can’t be flexible.

      Instead of that, I pay almost £30 for a lot of calls and unlimited texts, neither of which I use, just so I have enough data! And that’s SIM only….

      I just wish for once that some of the bigger providers could give us some honest, flexible rates, and actually give people what they want, rather than what they think we want, which in my experience is never actually what we want.

      Ok, most of the general public are fairly ignorant of their usage, and when faced with a choice, they won’t know what the hell to do. Fair enough, standardise packages and charge them more. However, I know what I want, but I can’t get it. Again, I’m willing to pay a fair price for it, and I don’t mind paying a little for the flexibility. I just object to being treated like an idiot.

      Sorry for the rant!