Google confirms Nexus S and Xoom will not get Android 4.2

Google confirms Nexus S and Xoom will not get Android 4.2

In amongst all the excitement about new Nexus devices going on sale and promptly selling out,  Android 4.2 is being made available to Galaxy Nexus devices. Conspicuous by their absence however were updates for the Nexus S and the Motorola Xoom. Googles Jean-Baptiste M. Queru has now confirmed on a Google Groups post that these devices will not be updated to 4.2.

“There is no support for 4.2 on Nexus S and Xoom. Those devices should continue using 4.1.2. “

Users have expressed their disappointment as neither of those 2 devices made it to the 2 year mark before support was dropped. The Motorola Xoom has been termed a “Google Experience Device” which made it into a sort of pseudo-nexus. Updates continue to be a problem on the Android platform but Google has been making all the right noises about fixing this. Making the current generation of Nexus devices much cheaper than their rivals will also take some of the sting out.

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  • Anonymous

    Leave it to xda developers to sort out :-) my UK Xoom had jellybean on it while moto UK only officially supported honeycomb.

  • Anonymous

    Not to excuse this, but at least they got 4.1 and there’s not too much that’s been added in 4.2.

    That said, since it’s such a small update you have to wonder why they didn’t get it. Not getting KLP would probably be more understandable, given that it’s likely to be a fairly major update.

  • XDA devs will get it going

    Nexus S is one of the most supported handsets in Android history Gingerbread>ICS>JB three iterations – name another device that has had that support?

    Ravi I think the changes were quite big and Google [whoever makes those decisions] decided that those devices couldn’t cope with the change

    • Anonymous

      Really? I have no idea under the hood but there’s not much new in 4.2 compared to 4.1. Oh well. Great excuse to buy an N4, if they weren’t rarer than unicorn poo!

  • Simon Hardy

    Aaaagh! I would have been quite happy for my Xoom to stop AFTER 4.2, but I was really holding out for multi user support. :(
    Oh well. XDA it is then.