Apple and HTC reach a settlement

Apple and HTC reach a settlement

Apple and HTC have finally made a truce over patents. A solution to the long term issues between the two companies was long over due.

Although all the information isn’t public yet, we do know that it’s a 10 year agreement and is excellent news for both companies.

All current disputes will be dismissed and the focus of them both will be back on innovation. What’s to come? We shall see.

“HTC and Apple have reached a global settlement that includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits and a ten-year license agreement. The license at hand extends to current and future patents held by both parties. The terms of the settlement are confidential.”

“HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple, so HTC can focus on innovation instead of litigation,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC.

“We are glad to have reached a settlement with HTC,” said Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. “We will continue to stay laser focused on product innovation.”

Will either develop some fantastic new mobile tech or share current innovations to make them better? Let us know what you think.

Image – Techno Buffalo
Source – Slashgear

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