iPad mini – First impressions

iPad mini   First impressions

Got yourself an iPad mini? No? Tried Comet? Don’t bother, they’ve not discounted any of them.

Our very own Garry Clark has a few first impressions of his iPad mini and has even taken some comparison shots between his normal “old school” iPad 🙂

His thoughts?

It answers all my requests from a mini tablet and it in no way feels like a downgrade from the iPad 2 which it is replacing. It has a stellar battery life and easily lasts longer than the old iPad. I have had a few concerns about the back getting scratched but I’ve managed to find a cheap skin for it in the mean time.

I also have a Dodocase hardcover on the way from the US which I will be reviewing on the site as and when it arrives.

For now at least I am hugely impressed and very happy that I waited to get one, even though it felt like a long time coming. This will sell very well over Christmas and I would recommend it if you are considering getting a Kindle Fire or even over a Nexus 7

Do you have an iPad mini? Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new shrunken iPad.