Could Google and Microsoft be looking into UK broadband?

Could Google and Microsoft be looking into UK broadband?

Google and Microsoft have been rumoured to have been showing “extreme interest” into providing mobile broadband/wifi here in the UK.

The UK’s airwaves currently have “White space.” White space is segments of the current spectrum between those bands being used for TV, Radio and the mobile phones. Currently these areas of white space are only used as separators to reduce interference.

If these rumours turn out to be true, Google and Microsoft (who have actually run trials in the past) could help to provide decent speeds for broadband to those who live in rural areas. Albeit, they could just include services such as VOIP in their mobile operating systems but until we have more, these are just guesses.

When we know more we’ll be sure to let you know. Express your opinions and tell us if you think it’ll be a good idea.

Source – The Verge

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  • Moo Moo Head

    Can I ask a question, the 4G auction that will take place for the new 4G licences, is it just between the established mobile operators that can bid or could someone like Google come in and place a bid for some of it also, obviously based on some roll out plans not just for the fun of it, they have enough spare cash?

    • Jamie Hoyle

      I would imagine any serious party would be able to bid for the spectrum, but I’m not sure of the exact details.

  • Anon

    Wouldnt it be great to see some new competition to the current UK mobile data networks. It may give them the kick they need. Look at the shambles of 4GEE!!! Imagine a mobile data environment without O2/Voda/EE/3 – Bilss!!!