VScreens Beta Review

VScreens Beta Review
During a scour of the Google Play Store and review on here the other day I came across Vscreens from Sony. I had a little look at the description of the the app and what it does. I also found that our esteemed editor has done a review of this on the site previously http://www.coolsmartphone.com/2011/11/18/share-you-images-on-a-big-screen/. I have to say that it appeals to me. I will be sharing my opinion of the App and my experiences of it today. The basic premise of the app is that it will allow you to share the content on your phone onto a bigger screen without using cables or DLNA.

Why is this necessary? I here you ask, well we have all had the occasion when you have been at a meeting or a relatives house and you want to show off some pictures to those around you, however the HMDI cable and MHL leads are sat on your desk at home.

I had just such a situation the other day at my folks house. Having just had the arrival of my first son I was keen to show off some of the pictures that I have taken on my Xperia T but I did not have the cables to do so and my Dads TV was not DNLA compliant so this app would have been useful (I did not have the app at that point).

So back to the app in question, when you load the app up you will presented with a screen asking you scan a Barcode on your larger screen that is connected to the web in some way (this could be a Smart Tv such as the recent Bravia range, a Media PC or an Android Tablet etc). On the other device you need to go to the Vscreens website which will then generate a barcode image. By scanning this image on your phone you create a connection that must be using an FTP transfer to allow you to display the image on your other device. This will work over a mobile data connection or Wifi for pictures but it needs to be on the same Wifi connection for Video.

It is a really great way of showing off content to friends and family and as it is still in Beta I can see room for improvement. Also even though the app was created by Sony it is something that can be used on any device. I have been really pleased with the app and I will be intending on using it more and more in the near future as well as recommending it to my friends and who use Android as their phone of choice.

UPDATE I have been doing some more testing of the app and I have found that is does not play nicely with some browsers in Particular Safari so some improvement is still necessary.

I have attached a few pictures to show you how this all works and the Play Store link is also below as well. If you are one for sharing the great pictures that our Smartphones are now capable of getting then this is one for you.

VScreens Beta Review

VScreens Beta Review

VScreens Beta Review

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  • Jack Black

    I think it should be ‘I hear you say’ as opposed to ‘I here you say’!

  • Anonymous

    there are quite a few apps that do this, all-share for most samsung devices i have seen.