3G Issues on 3. Data down.

Note: If you are looking for information on the data issues from the 4th June 2013, click here.

3G Issues on 3. Data down.Several users of the 3 network are reporting a complete data outage this morning.

Users have taken to social networking site Twitter to complain that they are getting limited or no 3G connectivity.

Despite several tweets the @Three twitter account does not operate at weekends and therefore cannot respond to the related queries and there is nothing yet on the 3 website relating to the issue.

We will keep you updated with any information as soon as it becomes available.

Are you experiencing issues?  Let us know in the comments below.

Update – Looks like someone turned it off and on again. Data connectivity is slowly coming back on across the UK as we speak. (11:15AM Sunday)


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  • Mark Gosy

    Nothing from Central London out to East Kent this morning. It was fine at 6am but has been broken since.

  • Broken here in Stafford as well this morning

  • Chris O

    Broken in East Dorset

  • Andrew Holding

    Confirmed not working in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

  • Chris O

    East Dorset appears to be back up

  • carol

    manchester ..not been working since yesterday Sat !!!!

  • Ethan Thomas

    Cornwall has been getting a dodgy signal since early Saterday morning. I’ve had about five minutes of connectivity since then.

  • Lara-Marie

    Not working in essex! :(

  • Back up in East Lancs, near Blackburn. My understanding, from a 3 call centre agent, is that they are upgrading the systems ready for their 4G/LTE rollout next year. I haven’t had this confirmed from anywhere else though. If this is the case, it would have been nice of three to let customers know they were planning to do this work over the weekend, so that customers would know where they stand, and that the internet would be offline for a period of time.

  • Geoff

    Horrendous service yesterday -My Three off -couldn’t top up
    Internet off this morning but on now , My three down again though

  • Gillm

    Not working Fife, Scotland

  • Not had any problems in Bristol

  • Shoreditch victim of fraud

    A p#x on 3, all Ive had from these liars is grief. Having given many postcodes in N/E London , work on masts is to blame… for the last 4years ! Their ” specialist ” team told me it was a simcard fault. Cancelling my sim with all the deals I signed up for 6 years ago and sending a sim 3 days later… it was blank ! A later sim arrived minus ALL 3 to 3 calls free voicemail and texts ! No apologies but gaining FREE conversation practice and FREE information as to 3 blank no cover postcodes. I have ditched these ” Not fit for service ” conmen on my N95 and will do on this Wildfire soon. IF I can get a signal, which wont happen if rains.

  • Anonymous

    stumbled in newcastle/gateshead but working again. first outage i have had on their service, all in all pretty good.

    its true that their customer service is non existent, took me five attempted to cancel an iphone 4 on their one plan, was hung up on each and every time. The trick with three or indeed any other service provider is to tell them that you are travelling for six months, that way they have little choice but to relent and let you cancel. On PAYG now.

    PS, i realise this is WAY off topic.

  • Laverydj

    Very erratic in the south west for last 5 days, however when I do manage to connect to My3 it says there are no problems in my area…….have threatened to withhold payment for my mobile broadband didn’t even get a response…….. Very unhappy I am paying quite a bit for this service.

  • Kads

    The staff for three which are abroad don’t have a clue when you call them. Always running of a script. They don’t have any common sense same about the managers. Had an ongoing network issue months ago which was unsatisfactorily closed. For the last week and a half no 3G or nearly any connection on data. Also with voice from full bars to no bars and then going to searching on hours and 3 have said no one has complained about the issue this is around the crofton street and great western street and moss lane east M14 postcode Manchester

  • Stu Locki

    3G on three went off last night an still nothing and not just my phone, theres nothing said about it on 3 website apart from a few months ago I had a text saying my postcode S71 was due for improvement, it sucks this with no internet.

  • Ritchizzle

    Yup, same.
    3G cut out late last night, came back briefly this morning but gone again.
    Some sort of message on their website would be helpful or a little less vague notifications by text at least.

    • Priyesh

      yh they have updated there main page a small message at the top now