Three data offline across the UK

Three data offline across the UK

We’re receiving reports that the Three network here in the UK has experienced a pretty large issue. Several people have contacted us to say that their data connectivity isn’t working or even being presented. Some are saying that it began to fail last night.

We’ve contacted Three for an update on the situation and will let you know when we have more info.

If you’re having problems, do let us know your location in the comments.

09.01 Update – ThreeUKSuppprt have just posted this update on Twitter. Not a great deal of information just yet, other than the fact that they’re aware of the issue.

We’re having some issues with our data network this morning. It’s being worked on as a priority, sorry for any inconvenience. More to follow

10.02 Update – Three are stating that only “some” customers are having issues.. We’ve asked them for more detail…

Some of our customers are unable to access the Internet. We’re working to restore the service. We apologise for any inconvenience.

10.30 Update – Users are reporting that they once again have an internet connection.  Not everyone but it does look like service is being restored



17:20 Update – We’ve once again got reports of data problems both from within the Coolsmartphone team and on Twitter – these issues don’t appear to be as widespread at the moment, however. We’ll let you know more as and when we find out. On the plus side, we’re also seeing that some of you who have got your internet back are finding it faster…

18:53 Update – Here’s the latest, courtesy of Three’s official Twitter account:

Three data offline across the UKThreeUK
Some customers may still have Internet issues.Our engineers are working to restore services in full asap. We’re sorry!
04/06/2013 18:48
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  • Andrey

    I can’t see data connection since this morning (maybe earlier) not in south east and not in west London.

  • Lee

    Getting the 3G displayed on iPhone 4 but can’t get emails, and the Internet is dead too. This in in south Oxfordshire. Hope they sort it soon. You can’t can’t even ring them as they cut you straight off. Annoying to say the least.

  • Oliver

    No data on my three phone in London

  • Monsoon

    Mine lots 3G last night near Manchester, been off all night but now so far is working since around 7.30… touch wood LOL

  • Kan

    3G symbol on iPhone 4 but not internet connection, right from Wolverhampton to Birmingham

  • ren

    Yes, 3G and H signal intermittent yesterday, more off than on. Today, non existent. I’m in East London

  • Vince

    Problems for me and my boss in Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire

  • Rich

    No signal in SW London this morning

  • Claw

    No 3G for me in SW London since last night! I’m fuming!

  • Guncis

    no data connection North London since this morning at least!

  • Darren Bird

    showing signal on dongle here in Essex but cant connect to anything

  • Perez Kaper

    Friend with iPhone in same area not affected??

  • Perez Kaper

    I did…. no reply as of yet

  • Perez Kaper

    “@ThreeUK: Morning all, we’re sorry some of our customers are having internet issues. We’re working on it. Keep an eye on @ThreeUKSupport for info.”

  • FooToTheBar

    “we’re sorry some of our customers are having internet issues”

    “some”? Try “all”!

  • jabez

    No data in B31 Birmingham all morning.

  • PF

    Totally dead from 8am this morning in SouthEast London into London Bridge area and then across the city to Aldgate.

    Mobile data shows as ON in settings but no 3G or H icon.

    Really do not understand why there appears to be no information on the 3 Support site about this.

  • FooToTheBar

    Of course they sent all customers a text message to reassure them, right? (yes, texts are working)


    Of course not.

    That service is reserved for marketing spam only.

  • Jobag

    Nothing in West Yorkshire this morning – Huddersfield to Leeds/Bradford.

  • SteveMP

    10:23 Data now being pushed through SE1 London
    Should now add, wonder what 3 will offer us as some sort of compenstation?

  • FooToTheBar

    People are reporting connectivity in Berks & Essex:-

  • FooToTheBar

    SteveMP – “wonder what 3 will offer us as some sort of compenstation”

    An exclusive offer only to our most valued customers of an iPad with upfront costs and montly payments that work out to be almost exactly the RRP of the device straight from an Apple store, just for you, sir, exclusive deal, you are a valued customer, we’ll even throw in unlimited data through your own WiFi/ADSL conncetion (!) or a second handset for the same price as your other handset, very good deal, you need two phones, your custom is important to us that’s why we passed on the VAT increase to you immediately etc. etc. blah, blah…

  • FooToTheBar

    Or, more succinctly..


    Ha ha.

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….

  • FooToTheBar

    Back for me – North Berks.

  • Paul Sleight

    Off in Bolton at 11.06 still. Don’t know when it went down to tho’

  • Anonymous

    Mines back now. Been off all morning


  • Paul Sleight

    Back on in Bolton about 11.20, signal strength appears to be unusually consistent for here, maybe a good thing has happened! Speedtest results have given faster data speeds than usual, though still only around 10 Mps, as opposed to 5or 6 Mps we usually get.
    Curiously, Speedtest was reporting nearest server as being London, with some French and Dutch servers being closer than the usual Liverpool, Preston and Manchester ones! Seems to have reverted back to normal now though.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had normal service in London since Three announced it was back. Now returning home to North Kent I find it working here also, as fast and efficiently as ever.

    I do hope that Three live up to their reputation of social engagement and tell the tale of what happened. There will be individuals inside the firm that won’t want to be so open. They’ll fear loss of corporate face, an entirely misguided view. Customers love to be engaged and involved.

    I had to laugh at those protesting and saying they’d move to another operator in disgust. Really? Which one would that be then, that hasn’t had its own network failure in the past 18 months?