CRC Pro-Cycling

CRC Pro Cycling The guys at Chain Reaction have teamed up with Billy Goat Entertainment to bring you a sports game with a difference. Like riding a bike but think the weather is too cold? We have a solutionfor you. Download CRC Pro-Cycling and get pedaling. The menu system is easy to work through, unlike some games I’ve tried recently, it made a nice change. CRC Pro Cycling Once you’ve found your way to the game selection menu you can take a time trial to test your skills or jump straight in to race with others. There is a multiplayer option in the game and if you get someone else involved it makes it more fun. CRC Pro Cycling When you’re on the track, wait for the count down and away you go. The amount of detail the game provides is well thought out. although the graphics aren’t the best out there they’re not poor either, it’s a mobile game after all. At first, I had a little bit of a wobble controlling the bike. You need to tilt the device to turn but to pedal you slide you finger up and down the screen. Using both controls together was a little bit of a challenge to start with. I’m very well coordinated but when it comes to rhythms I’ve got no chance. It was easy to get the hang of though. Be careful guiding your rider around the corners and up the hills otherwise this happens… CRC Pro Cycling You get an unlimited amount of tries but remember, you are against the clock or racing others. You don’t want to be last all the time! If you want to past time on these cold and rainy days CRC Pro-Cycling is worth a buy, especially at 69p. It’s a decent play and excellent for passing time. Get others involved with the multiplayer and its even more fun.