O2 ‘capitalise’ on the inexpensive Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is due in just a short couple of weeks. You may also have read that O2 have exclusivity on the contract side of things for one month.

O2 capitalise on the inexpensive Nexus 4

You’d expect a handset that starts at £239 sim free to come fairly cheaply on contract, right? Well, erm, no..

O2 have posted this, which details the handset will only be ‘free’ on a £36 a month tariff  So over two years, that comes to a grand total of £864 – or £585 for the tariff alone even when subtracting £279 for the 16gb handset.

Considering most £500 phones come free on this amount per month, this seems a bit, erm, unfair.

It seems ordering from the Google Play market and getting a sim only plan would be a much better bet.

It’s what I’ll  be doing.

Link – O2


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