Tiger Woods 2012 – iOS

Tiger Woods 2012   iOS Are you a golf pro? I’m far from it. Playing Tiger Woods 2012 makes me think I’m fantastic at golf. The game makes play relatively easy. Getting started can take a while before you can hit the ball. It looks for saved games in the cloud, you need to design your player, enter your name and your good to go. If you realise which options to select. Once you get all that out the way and you get on the Tee it’s simple enough to do. Press the club icon in the middle of the screen and you get your power bar. I like power shots, sending the ball 300 yds down the fairway gives that feeling of freedom, if your sat in an office it can help you get through the day. To successfully play a power shot, slide your finger down the power bar and hold it for approx. 2 seconds then flick your finger back to the top and watch the ball fly. Keep your finger as central as possible otherwise your ball will end up flying off in odd directions. Tiger Woods 2012   iOS The graphics are excellent for a mobile game but with the game coming from EA Sports that’s expected.it does get let down not having support for the iPhone 5 though. Those extra pixels make a difference. You can see the fine detail on the clothing and the ball is easy to see. Download the game and have a play AppStore – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012. Let us know what you think